The Company

AR Costruzioni Meccaniche was established in Verona in 1980, thanks to the passion for precision engineering of its founder and current owner Renato Azzolini. AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE is among the leaders in this sector in Verona; its production over the last three decades is a testimony to the experience gained in general mechanical engineering. AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE Specializes in small to medium sized parts particularly in the field of industrial sewing machines for clothing. The company is able to produce any details necessary and the machining work ranges from industrial moulds (for food and other sectors) to high precision micrometric detailing (CNC machining, 4/5 axes).

Our vision of precision machining

AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE is known for its attention to detail: every detail is checked carefully to be able to certify that the product conforms to what was
designed and requested by the customer.

AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE is known for the safety of its personnel: the owner Renato Azzolini budgets for investments in the safety and wellbeing of
his employees, such as the recent purchase of the industrial manipulator Liftronic EASY (Indeva Intelligence Devices for Holding).

What machining do we do?

Quality in precision mechanical construction

The quality of each 'AR COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE' machining process is guaranteed by assiduous checks during production thanks to high-precision measuring instruments used by our in-house Technical office.

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